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The Ārdeō Color Story

Welcome to Ārdeō

At Ārdeō Color Studio we empower women like you every day by providing personalized, highly specialized, elite color services. Our approach is guided by the unique needs of our customers and our core values, which are activated at every level of your experience.


When you visit Ārdeō, you are treated with exception and care. Attention to detail is paramount to our process and we want each part of your experience to provide a balance of luxury, confidence, and comfort. When you walk out of our salon, we know that you are a representation of our work and reputation. We want you to leave feeling fabulous and chic, knowing you have chosen to invest in expressing your most authentic, beautiful self.


The Studio

Founded by Master Colorist Tina Herod, Ārdeō Color Studio is a luxury boutique hair color salon located in Downtown Austin. As an extension of Tina’s refined nature, the space is intimate, airy, and designed to provide you with a peaceful escape from the daily demands of life. 


At the helm of fashion & culture, Ārdeō Color Studio prides itself on expertise in all hair types, offering services that elevate an individual’s natural beauty while embracing creative change and seasonal evolution.


At Ārdeō, education is central to our mission and we work closely with our colorists to maintain the most current industry knowledge of products, trends, and techniques. Our colorists specialize in corrective color and color change while maintaining focus on these specific outcomes:

  • Protecting your hair from damage

  • Producing rich, natural hair color, or

  • Creating unique designs using intense and vibrant fashion tones

While our artists love cutting and shaping hair, currently we only offer cuts alongside chemical treatments.

More Ārdeō Love!!


Norah R.

Ārdeō knows me and my lifestyle well enough to make sure I walk out feeling good, and relevant, I know I can be confident when I show up to work and life the next day.


Tina M.

Ārdeō's purpose is … to provide color to my world


Stephanie C.

Ārdeō Color understands that my hair is not just important to me, it's a part of my brand and personal identity. Tina approaches every detail like she's creating a work of art... because she is!!



Ārdeō Values

Integrity - In our art and our actions, behind the chair, and with each and every guest.

Authenticity - Of creative expression and personal character.

Relatability - We approach our work with humility and hold deep empathy for our clients.

Creativity - The work is a collaboration of our talents and your spirit - it's all we need to make magic!

Knowledge - We will never stop learning for ourselves. We will never stop educating others. 

Meaningful Work - Our goal is to impact your life in a positive way. We work with a purpose that goes beyond visual expression.

Trustworthiness - This is core to Ārdeō's success!

Our Mission

Our mission at Ārdeō Color Studio is to provide an open and ever-evolving atmosphere in which stylists, artists, and clients collaborate to create exceptional hairstyles that translate into real-world experiences, empowering a sense of purpose, self-worth, and personal accomplishment to all.



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