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The Magic of the Masque

The Magic of the Masque

When Oribe launched their Hair Alchemy line in January 2022 it quickly became a new fan favorite. The Hair Alchemy is all about rejuvenating and strengthening hair for fewer split ends and breakage. Elasticity is incredibly important in your hair especially if your hair is color treated or processed the last thing you want is your investment to go down the drain. (literally!) That is where Hair Alchemy comes in.

With the shampoo, conditioner, and serum you can ultimately increase your hairs elasticity by 135% in just 5 washes! If that sounds hard to believe, maybe the fact that after a couple months of it’s release the entire line was completely sold out and was impossible to keep it on our shelves. Thankfully it’s become a staple product that we will rave about all day! However, with how incredible the product performs there was a few things missing to really complete it… Until now.

The Missing Link

From its conception in 2008 Oribe has always strived to be as inclusive as possible, it’s one of the reasons why we brought Oribe into our salon. They share our value of RELATABILITY: Everyone, everywhere, deserves to have beautiful and healthy hair. With this in mind, when people experienced Hair Alchemy, and ultimately loved it, some felt like they needed more.

For the anniversary of Hair Alchemy’s launch Oribe answered these concerns with the much anticipated Hair Alchemy Masque. A hair masque is the perfect product for anyone needing significant hydration, and reparative properties. Perfect for curly to textured hair, the masque can be used as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment, or in lieu of conditioner. With the masque’s release, Oribe went a step further releasing the Hair Alchemy Travel Sizes as well! Now you can also take the shampoo and conditioner with you wherever you go!


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