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Our newest stylist Lauren Gaudin Alongside an in Depth Look at ārdeō's Education Program

We're so excited to introduce the latest addition to our talented team – Lauren Gaudin. Born and raised in Louisiana, Lauren got her styling skills at the Lafayette Louisiana Cosmetology Training Center and continued on to complete the Couture Color Studio intensive education program.

Her inspiration comes from the amazing Lou Teasdale, a global hair artist. Lauren loves playing with colors, whether it's creating a natural look or going for bold fashion statements. She believes in the power of hair to boost confidence and express individuality. 

Lauren’s journey is all about helping people feel great about themselves through their hair. It’s not just about cutting and coloring; it’s about creating a unique story with each strand. We’re thrilled to have Lauren bring her passion and creativity to Couture Color Studio.

Now that you’ve met the newest edition to our team, let’s delve into the heart of what makes our stylists shine - Couture exceptional education program. Broken up into 3 unique phases, our program sets stylists up to excel at the highest level. 

Phase 1: Chemical theory and the science of hair color 

At the foundation of Couture's program lies a deep dive into the chemistry of hair color and understanding the science behind what we do. This phase unravels the intricacies behind chemical reactions and understanding the 'why' behind every step that is taken. This knowledge empowers our apprentices to be confident creating formulas unique to every individual client. 

Phase 2: Movement of the hair and Couture's core techniques 

In phase two, Stylists-in-training delve into Couture’s core techniques, focusing on precise technical placement and understanding the way the hair moves. We embrace repetition as the catalyst for developing the dexterity essential in the art of hair coloring. This phase ensures that the techniques learned become second nature through muscle memory, building a solid foundation for creativity.

Phase 3: The Art and Psychology of Consultation

The final phase focuses in on the art and psychology of consultation. We teach the delicate dance of understanding a clients' desires, preferences, and lifestyles. Our protégés work through several stages of live models, taking everything they’ve learned and putting it all together. Working on live models allows stylists to apply their knowledge in a real-world context, giving them the tools to perform a perfect service from beginning to end. 

Couture's Hair Color Mastery Program is more than education, it's a journey of transformation. From Lauren’s exciting introduction to the vibrant phases shaping our stylists, we're dedicated to crafting true artists. Join us at Couture Color Studio, where brilliance meets confidence in every stroke and style. Welcome to a world where education becomes artistry! 


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