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Couture Color Values

Have you ever walked into a salon, sat in a chair, and in the middle of the application realize that you have no clue what is actually being done to your hair? The unknown has always been a scary thing in every aspect of life, especially when it comes to your hair color. Trust is incredibly important in the colorist-client relationship, but we know a solid truth of this world is that trust is earned. How we at Couture Color Studio navigate the “unknown”, and start to build trust is through a concept Tina’s (Owner and Founder of Couture Color Studio) coined “Explaining the Why”. If the colorist takes the time to explain the Why it allows their client to feel safe, secure, and more open with their colorist and this in turn opens the door for trust in that relationship. Today, I’d like to “Explain the Why”

The Why

Couture has a mission, for both guests of the salon and stylists alike: to constantly elevate, educate, and emerge a better you. For our guests, we provide the best services while maintaining communication through every step of the process. For our stylist, we provide the education that is integral to building a long, sustainable, and successful career as a hair color specialist.

This blog will give us the opportunity to expand our reach beyond the doors of our salon. Along with Couture Color Studio being the only Hair Color Specialty Salon in Austin, TX , we also believe it is incredibly important to share everything we know when it comes to the world of hair color. From novice to savants, everyone deserves to understand exactly what goes on during the hair color process, (broken down to a science) best techniques when applying hair color, safest products to use for hair color, as well as current topics in the industry and the ever-changing latest trends.

We always hold to our core values: INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, RELATABILITY, CREATIVITY, KNOWLEDGE, MEANINGFUL WORK, and TRUSTWORTHINESS. We invite everyone to join our online community and continue to grow with us!


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