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Abby Hall

Community Manager

Abby's Color Aesthetic

My favorite colors to look at are pink and green! As far as personal style, my favorite color to wear is Black, which goes with everything!!

Do you love to travel? If yes, where is the most interesting place you have visited or the furthest you have gone?

I do love to travel!! My favorite vacation is my honeymoon to Saint Martin in 2022. I have also been to Barbados, and I LOVE the Caribbean!

Do you have a hidden talent that you're willing to share?

I am a Potter!! I spent the last year learning the art of ceramics and am so thrilled with how far I've come. 

What are you reading or listening to right now?

My current non-fiction read is 'The Power Of Habit'  by Charles Duhigg! I read fiction before bed to wind down and right now I'm re-reading 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks.

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Abby Hall Bio

Originally from Dallas/Ft Worth, Abby has made Austin her home since 2017. She enjoys working behind the scenes to create an uplifting and supportive environment for those around her. As a licensed stylist herself, she shares a love for creativity and collaboration!

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